Please go check out my new site, annalytical answers, where I’ve painstakingly posted most of the questions and answers I’ve given on Attack of the Show over the past couple of years (corresponding videos with the written-out Q&A’s when I had them).

The system I had before was to forward every question I was sent to the AOTS producers, who would include them in a long list of potential queries that we could get people to ask on video but obvious preference was given to the viewers who actually sent their questions in via video voicemail.

This new system means I’m now going to pick one question a week to answer on the site (in addition to the two I answer every week on the show). So, if you’ve sent me a question recently and are into this kind of thing, be sure to check the site out every Monday to see if your question made the cut.

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  • Bruce Lichtenstein says:

    The boys on American idol are so much better. You can’t compare Michael Johns, David A., Jason Castro, and David Cook to any of the girls except Carly. I enjoy listening to Brooke…its just the guys are better than some of the professional singers out their. Michael Johns and David Cook are stars already. They don’t have to prove anything. If I was sony I would of gave Michael Johns a contract. Explain why you think the girls are better. Next time listen to the applause of Michael Johns….the girls don’t get the same applause. Please write me back. I would like to see you opinion.