Single and Sober

By Anna David

Before I got into recovery, I was entirely certain that the last thing in life I wanted was to be sober. It was a repulsive idea, actually. Not doing drugs was one thing but not drinking? Were these people mad? I was convinced that being an alcoholic and being a drug addict were two entirely different issues and I was happy to share this philosophy with anyone who wanted to hear about it—and plenty who didn’t.

But then that thing happened to me that has happened to every sober person I’ve ever known. The drugs stopped working. Instead of making me the life of the party, they made me unable to go to parties. Despite the fact that it’s hard to think you’re having fun when it’s just you, a mirror lined with cocaine, two cats and your paranoia, I was still convinced that sobriety would be the end of fun.

People who are currently using drugs or drinking alcoholically seem to have this impression that those of us who are now in recovery came skipping into church basements with zeal. I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t consider it their absolute last option.

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