So the big Recovery Fair I spent forever planning (which you heard me “cheerfully” “complain” about if you follow me on Twitter)? That happened. And it was great. Which ideally you can tell from the photo here or maybe from me picking my five favorite moments from the event for Los Angeles Magazine.

On the opposite side of the work spectrum (depending, of course, on how you perceive these things), the audio recording of last weekend’s True Tales of Lust and Love is setting all sorts of records, thanks to a hair-raising, laugh-until-you-pee, vomit-inside-your-mouth-a-little story from one Pamela Ribon. Go see what all the fun is about yourself here (it’s the 11/12 show listed at the top and hers is the third story (though all the stories are great) (of course). Just please do not have as much fun as the unnamed man in her story did, okay?