Anna David Recovery Writing Workshop

Writing/Performing Workshop

(4 two-hour sessions)


—-Intro on the importance of incorporating writing into recovery

—-Each participant writes about an important “artifact” from his or her life—it can be a photo or a letter or even something on their body (say, a tattoo or a scar or jewelry) or anything else.

—–5 people read their work aloud and I offer feedback.

—-Participants rewrite what they wrote before after taking in the feedback (even if it’s not about their work, they’ll still be able to apply it)

—-Participants break off into pairs and share their work with one another, providing one other with feedback.

–Conclude with a sharing circle, where everyone talks about what they learned.


—-Writing lecture: the role fear plays in writers block and unnatural/academic/clichéd writing

—-Each participant has a private meeting with me where we talk about the aspect of their recovery that they think would make the best 5-minute live story. I leave them with a writing assignment: to write that story, making an attempt to find what’s unique, funny and as specific as possible, imagining that they’re telling their best friend the story.


—–In person meeting where I bring one of my writing performer partners with me and we each perform one of our 10 minute stories from my storytelling show. We then work with the participants one on one to figure out the best part of their story that they can make into a 5-minute performance piece.


—–Each of the participants performs their 5-minute pieces. My colleague and and I provide feedback and notes.


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