L.A. Style


VEGAS, November, 2003 L.A. Style Meet the new, groovy Cali designers who are impacting fashion from coast to coast By Anna David If you think everyone in Los Angeles is angling to be the next J. Lo, Gwen Stefani, P. Diddy or Hillary Duff, you’re probably right – though it may not be an acting or singing career the masses … Continue reading

Stars’ Top 10 Vacation Spots


US WEEKLY, September, 2002 Let’s face it: The stars didn’t spend their summer like the rest of us. From idyllic isles to killah villas, Us checks out the luxury resorts where the A-list checks in By Anna David 1) Wakaya Island, Fiji
WHAT IT IS: A five-mile-long island owned by FIJI Water CEO David Gilmour
WHO STAYS THERE: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman reportedly … Continue reading