Please come join us this Thursday, January 9th at 1 pm PST [4 pm EST] for the True Tales Twitter chat, which will feature Meghan Daum, Sara Benincasa, Claire Titelman, Sacha Z. Scoblic, Amy Dresner, Iris Smyles, Taylor Orci and a few of the other contributors. Yes, for one hour straight, we will be Twitter talking lust, love and what happens when you write about it.

The best way to participate is to go to Twitter a few minutes before the scheduled time, type #truetales into a search window and click return. Leave that page open, then open another browser window so you can tweet your own questions to the contributors and respond to their answers. Keep refreshing the #truetales search window to see the latest responses to the chat. All we ask of you is that you include #truetales in every tweet you contribute to this discussion and include the question number in your answer (e.g., Q2 I can’t believe you actually did that, @sachazscoblic, #truetales). If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, these are surprisingly fun events (yes, it still counts as an event even though you’re not leaving your desk) that introduce everyone to a group they might otherwise not meet. And since these are women I hand picked out of all the female writers in the world, you know I think they’re all well worth meeting (if only over Twitter).


After two years of shows, a steady stream of press and more information about lust and love than I could have ever dreamed possible, another dream is being fulfilled: the release of the True Tales of Lust and Love book. The book features a collection of greats, whose essays are being called out by critics as “smart, witty, unusual and relatable” as well as “hilarious and touching.” And we’ll be doing two readings in New York (at KGB on January 19th and Book Court on January 20th), two at M Bar back in LA (one on January 16th and another on February 20th) and two more at bookstores in LA (at Book Soup on January 27th and The Last Bookstore on February 20th). Please, if you’re in either of those cities, come out and join us to see what all the hilarity (and occasional horror) is about.

We look forward to Twitter chatting with you soon. And please, if you can, come out to one of our LA or New York shows or consider getting the book from Amazon or an indie bookseller.