Stuff Magazine

By Anna David

Stacy Keibler may have legs that put gazelles’ to shame and a rear end that inspires fellow wrestlers to spout poetry (she says Bubba Ray Dudley told her it “looks like a heart”), but she’s still not willing to drop her top for Joe Public. Having nixed three generous offers to pose nude, the 26-year-old WWF diva may get down and dirty in the wrestling ring but she still likes “to leave a little to the imagination.” But if you’ve been imagining what it would be like to see Stacy ballroom dance, then you’re in luck. She’s currently stealing the show on ABC’s hit Dancing with the Stars, dropping the figurative smackdown on fellow celebs like Master P, Tia Carrere and Jerry Rice. And guess what? Stacy is gorgeous even when she’s not choking someone.

STUFF: What has it been like preparing to compete on Dancing with the Stars?
STACY: We’ve been practicing four hours a day, plus we’ve been having interviews and photo shoots. My whole life right now is becoming a professional ballroom dancer.

Is that easy for you, since you’ve danced since you were three?
It’s taken me so long to get the right steps, because I have to break some habits of ballet to do this. I never danced with a partner, and that’s incredibly difficult. I just want to be able to do the steps on my own and not deal with someone else tripping up. Ballroom dance is completely different.

How did you wind up on the show, anyway? 
My mom watched the first season and said, “You should see if they’re doing a second season, because it would be great to watch you on it.” So I called my publicist. It was months of meetings and holding our breath, and then they just called and said, “So, how would you like to be on the show?”

I’m sure your world-famous legs didn’t hurt your chances. What’s the craziest line you’ve ever gotten about your legs? 
One time a guy came up to me and said, “If you ever need help shaving your legs, call me,” and he gave me his number. I laughed at the effort. Regardless of what he said, it’s still flattering when someone comes up to you and notices something.

When did you first realize you had a body that would inspire men to humiliate themselves like that? 

I wasn’t really aware of it until I got into the wrestling business. I’d start doing interviews, and people were like, “You have great legs.” And I was like, “I do? Well, that’s nice. Thanks.” When I was younger, I was always tall, but I wasn’t necessarily the tallest one in my class.

Are you one of those girls that’s going to say you had braces and were dorky and the boys never liked you in high school?
Well, I had braces. And in my group of girlfriends there was definitely one girl that everyone loved and wanted to date, and it wasn’t me.

So you were nerdy?
[Laughs] I wouldn’t say nerdy so much as goofy. People’s perception of me when they look at me is definitely not who I really am. I enjoy the simple things. I love to laugh. I like to make fun of myself.