Falling For Me/Getting Dates

Helen Gurley Brown was nothing if not creative when it came to suggesting ways for single women to meet men in Sex and the Single Girl. And I’m nothing if not a willing guinea pig, particularly if I think it will make a good story afterwards. Which is why I want to a speed dating event for lapsed Jews (seriously) (and seriously see the notes I took during it), wore a pin that had the Love stamp on it as a potential conversation piece, bought and lay on a Checkers board towel (alas, no one wanted to play), walked afriend’s dog (though, to give credit where credit is due, this was my idea and not Helen’s) and even volunteered to do community service, thinking I might meet a guy with a wonderful value system (this, too, was my idea but since it was the least effective method of all, I’m not sure I should be taking credit for it).

Dog Walking 1

Checkers Board towel

Dog Walking 2

New York Cares

Love Stamp

Speed Dating