Falling For Me/Marrakech

Geography is not my strong suit but when a girl I met mentioned to me that Morocco was quite close to Seville and suggested that I visit during my month-long stay, that sounded like a good idea—particularly when she mentioned that I could email a friend of hers who lived there. I did and it turned out that this friend owns a series of riads (hotels), including one that he keeps just for the people he knows—a thrilling concept considering the fact that I suddenly qualified as someone he knew; also, because none of his other friends were in town at the time, I had the entire place to myself. (I didn’t take nearly enough pictures of it sadly—I just have this one of the stairway because I wanted to show it to my tile-obsessed mother.) But I did cuddle a surely filthy monkey, play with a potentially poisonous snake, visit a country club with the most beautiful rose garden I’ve ever seen and find a cat who the riad owner decided to take back to the riad to keep as a pet. (They named her Anna and she has a Facebook page—and 10 friends!—so I know that she’s had babies. You could easily argue that she’s living the life I wish I could.)