Falling For Me/Seville

When I was in college, I landed in a city that seemed more magical than any place I’d ever been before: Seville, Spain. For years afterward, I told anyone who would listen that it was my favorite place on earth and yet life kept intervening and I somehow never managed to make it back. Then, out of nowhere, a friend of a friend who lived there announced that she wanted to do an apartment trade for a month with someone in New York. Without thinking—or considering the fact that I didn’t know a soul in all of Spain or speak the language—I made the arrangements. And thus ensued the most amazing month of my life—not just because I got to live out a scene from The Birds (see video 2), sit in squares listening to random musicians (see video 3), observe beautiful sunsets (oftentimes from the water), see Spaniards mount each other from all angles and at all hours of the day, play with a cute cat, go to a crazy, all night party in the nearby countryside and on a beach trip with new Spanish friends—but because, for once, I was completely and thoroughly impractical. (Note: I still didn’t pick up any Spanish, a fact that is glaringly apparent in a video that I accidentally made [see video 1], thinking I was taking a photo, which catches me attempting to order a round of drinks in a bar.)