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“I embarked on the process of writing my memories to release them as a form of catharsis. It was vital for my own sake to share them but impossible to get that going on my own. Fortunately, I found All the Write Moves. The structure, guidance and accountability forced me to move forward. The more I’ve shared the darkness with others, the more I’ve experienced the lightness of freedom and joy. I could not be more grateful for this program."

David Griggs, JD/MBA, CEO of Griggs Law

“If you are thinking about launching a successful writing career, from the beginning stages of drafting a book proposal to landing an agent, Anna David is your go-to person. Her coaching program helped me pursue something I’ve wanted to do for years: become an author and write my memoir. With my completed book proposal in hand, I am well on my way to making that dream a reality. Thank you, Anna, for your flawless coaching skills.”

Lauren Casey, International Recovery Coach and public speaker

“I cannot believe this process is coming to an end, and while this process is ending, my writing journey has just begun and I owe it all to you. I could not be more pleased with your course. I am so happy I made the decision to participate and you chose to accept me. I am a completely different person than I was six months ago. I truly have shared my dark and have found my light.”

Christen Starr, writer/activist

“I want to take a moment to share that your course has impacted me more than I could of foreseen. For the majority of the course I was frozen in my own fear, per usual, till I began to type. Unfortunately, I wish I pushed through my fears earlier, only recently my memoir becoming clear and clearer. But the journey of this course unfolded as it did. Thank you for this gift. It is only the beginning.”

Katie D’Amelio, writer

“I learned so much. There is no way I would have been so committed and successful without this program. Your guidance, connections and advice helped me so much.”

Karin Burns, creator of The Dry Diet

“My fellow writers and I started out as virtual strangers but throughout the six months we leaned on each other for support, asked for honest feedback and reached out when we were completely stuck. I know that moving forward they will always be there when I need them.”

Gayle Saks, Substance Abuse Counselor, contributor to The Huffington Post, The Fix, MindBodyGreen and more

“I always knew I had a book in me but had no idea how to bring it to life. The program gave me a construct to create a proposal and the confidence to let the world see my writing.”

Aubree Nichols, contributor to Elite Daily and The Week

“I’ve used many aspects of what I created for my proposal in this class to apply for a writing fellowship. It was so handy to have such an awesome foundation to pull from.”

Jenna Arak, copywriting teacher and public speaker

“I was apprehensive about signing up for another writing class, but a peer highly recommended Anna David’s writing class.

I’m so glad I signed up. Not only did Anna help me become clearer about my writing goals, but she offers practical guidance, tools, and feedback to move you along in the process of writing a book. Plus she holds you accountable.

I’ve learned more from Anna in the short time I have known her than many others who claimed to be experts in writing, marketing, and pitching. The proof is in the results I have had in less than six months of working with Anna:

14 of my articles published in Thought Catalog, a website that has 25 million plus visitors per month

Active writing portfolio on Medium

A solid outline for my book and working proposal

Published article on Thrive, A Huffington Post company

Actively being sought out for other credible relationship websites, dating apps, and an opportunity to ghostwrite for someone

I provide this list not to brag, but to show the power of working with Anna and a group of people supporting and pushing one another to keep writing. 

Without Anna and her constant input, support, and feedback from the group and practical lessons of the course, I am positive these opportunities would not have come my way.

I highly endorse Anna David’s course for anyone who wants to get serious about their writing and take it to the next level.”

Elizabeth Overstreet, relationship and dating coach

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