Anna David

NY Times bestselling author of 8 books, TEDx speaker, journalist, podcaster

About Party Girl



"Anna David has invented a new sub-genre: Chick Lit with a Message."

-The New York Post

Celebrity journalist Amelia Stone is a quintessential L.A. party girl. She goes to Hollywood’s most exclusive, star-studded events, where she rubs shoulders (and occasionally more) with celebrities, stays out until all hours of the night, and indulges in the ultimate sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll existence. In short, she’s got everything a party girl needs: the looks, the job, the lifestyle. And oh yes, the out-of-control coke habit.

But it’s hard to keep topping your outrageous exploits, and after losing her job, her friends and much of her mind (not to mention waking up in the hospital after combining five Ambien, four lines of Special K, and an inestimable amount of cocaine), Amelia makes the drastic decision to end her drug abuse. Sobriety, she finds, has its rewards: she starts seeing the man who could be her Mr. Right and gets hired by a big-name magazine to write a column detailing her wild adventures with the celebrity party crowd. And who could write it better? After all, she has plenty of experience to draw on.

There’s just one problem. Overnight, Amelia Stone has become the new face of Hollywood nightlife, and her editors — who don’t know she’s come clean — want her to play the part. As her popularity skyrockets and the film and TV agents start calling, the lure of her former fast-and-furious life of addiction begins to pull at her. Faced with the most exciting opportunity of her career, she must now decide to either save herself — or salvage her reputation as the ultimate party girl.

Acidly hilarious and achingly honest, Party Girl is the ultimate novel about addiction, taking readers on a harrowing ride through a world of Hollywood excess with a heroine who’s deliciously flawed. Whether snorting coke or crying in rehab, hooking up or breaking down, Amelia Stone makes her way across the treacherous grounds of self-destruction and recovery from it without ever losing her sharp wit, unapologetic candor or odds-defying optimism.