C: Do you have a type?

J: I really like older British guys – I don’t think any of them would ever have a problem with crying in front of a woman or saying “I love you” or “You hurt me” or emotional stuff like that. I’ve also always been attracted to guys with big brains. And when I was young, I loved black men. All of my friends were black. I think people couldn’t really put me in [one race]. I wasn’t Mexican, I wasn’t white, I wasn’t black, I wasn’t Asian…I wasn’t anything, and I didn’t really fit into anybody’s group. My dad is Mexican, and my mom is French and Danish.

C: You seem pretty comfortable with who you are, but is there a quality about yourself you really wish you could change?

J: I think my temper.

C: What’s something that you hate about this business?

J: Some [actors] are really a pain in the ass today. I held out on getting an assistant forever because I didn’t want to seem demanding…or like a pain in the ass. I didn’t want someone working for me to hate me. I have one now though. Some people give me a hard time about it because I’m so not that chick.

C: You’re producing the upcoming flick Sonic. What made you want to produce?

J: A lot of actors do it because they just want to be fancy and have the executive producer credit and walk around like, “I’m a producer.” I guess it’s mostly about power and status for them. I actually wanted to be a producer because I like to run things. I like to organize. I have an opinion. I like to get stuff done.

C: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

J: I like to cook. I would probably go to culinary school in France if I had time. I can seriously spend five hours making one dinner. I especially love to make enchiladas and lasagna. I also love to play golf. My mind is constantly in five different places, but golf is great because it forces you to focus completely and purely on what you’re doing.

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December 7, 2016