Anna David

NY Times bestselling author of 8 books, TEDx speaker, journalist, podcaster



“Hysterical and touching confessions drawn from the New York Times–bestselling author’s hit storytelling stage shows and podcast."

-Publishers Weekly

True Tales of Lust and Love began as a one-time-only reading and storytelling show in January of 2012, a venue for writers and comedians to share and laugh at their dating disaster stories. But after selling out the venue and attracting immediate press and buzz—with articles in LA Weekly, The LA Times, Time Out, Flavorpill, and LAist, among others—David agreed to produce the show every month. It has continued not only to sell out but also to attract a growing list of authors, comedians, and Hollywood writers. As Time Out declared, “This is the place to go to see strong female performers.”

With the show now booked indefinitely, and with audio recordings of each performance available on iTunes, the most popular and entertaining pieces (as well as some additional essays) have been collected for the first ever True Tales of Lust and Love anthology. The book includes essays organized into three sections (Casual Sex, Dating, and Love—Or Something Like It), which collectively offer up funny, raucous, insightful, and surprisingly touching confessions about the quest for lust and love. Everyone has dating disaster stories, everyone needs to share and laugh at them, and this anthology will give readers the opportunity to do just that, with contributions from the funniest writers and comedians around, pulled from the world of books, TV, and film. True Tales of Lust and Love is the perfect complement for a funny or cynical Valentine’s Day—and beyond.